niedziela, 25 marca 2012

Example GRUB configuration for Puppy Linux - menu.lst - frugal installation onto a hard disk.

This information may prove useful if you want to install Puppy Linux onto your hard disk in a frugal way.

I have downloaded the Puppy *.iso file and extracted it to /puppy/ on my sda1 (as a root user).

GRUB configuration entry is quite simple (however, difficult to find on the net).

This is my menu.lst entry:

title Puppy
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
kernel /puppy/vmlinuz psubdir=puppy
initrd /puppy/initrd.gz

Simple, isn't it? The /puppy folder will contain the *.2sf of *.3fs file with your personal data. You will be asked for creating the file after the first shutdown of your frugal "installation". (In most cases - just press ENTER a few times).

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